Young anti violence armed police on behalf of the captain Wang Gang we are willing to block bullets plustek

Young anti terrorist violence on armed police commander Wang Gang: we would like for him to stop bullets Wang Gang in the southern most willing to sacrifice counter-terrorism line, no regrets, to always be loyal guards of the party and the people. Original title: Chinese military network exclusive Documentary: how to find a person to look at themselves, decided his choice, pointing to his home. Thoreau: "Walden" saw in this video before, in my mind the most romantic confession in the movie – "Titanic" in "You jump, I jump", "Cape Seven" in the "stay, or I go with you", "forever" in "I you know, in this world there is always a person waiting for you," and the "Westward Journey" in the "if you have to give a time limit to this love, I hope it is ten thousand years"…… All in all is romantic! In this video, that man was black, a look that is exposed to the weather caused by a perennial; hair is not cool, because wearing a hat, the hair was pressed a little lie; only a handsome camouflage, how also feel a bit old. There is no halo at all. The man was asked what was the first thing to do after the battle. He lowered his head a little, and raised his head in a moment, laughing as he said, "give someone a call, so as not to worry!" When talking, the man’s smile shy, even shy, tone is full of tenderness and love. In particular, he actually said to the people to make a phone call. Some people — a spoiled, some sweet name, this is a couple in love will use the title. For a moment, the movie romantic confession, this sentence was very down to earth "spoiled" and the man and the shy smile to seckill. The man who said that, not 20 years old, full of sap is love a boy, but over the age of 40, has just experienced life and death — a border guards of Xinjiang Armed Police Corps detachment, Wang Gang. The other people in Wang Gang’s mouth are his wife. He knew that his 56 day long lost contact, must let his wife worry can hardly sleep all night. Make a phone call, let her hear his voice, is the best medicine for her insomnia. The troops who will rush in the first time, your image is the image of the party. Li Peng photo, one, I have something, do not wait for me to go home to eat in the absence of symptoms, Wang Gang once again disappeared in the eyes of his wife. This is not the first time Wang Gang suddenly lost contact". But lost contact for such a long time, the first time – is the first time they have been married for 13 years, but also the first time Wang Gang joined the army for 25 years. That day, Wang Gang was in a hurry – "I have something, don’t wait for me to come home for dinner". It was a day in the autumn of 2015, a group of violent terrorist elements in the manufacture of a terrorist attack, the snatch of firearms and ammunition, fled into the vast Tianshan mountains. The autumn wind is like the Tianshan Mountains, a powerful broom, roll up dust, roll up small stones, sometimes to find and give yourself cheer. No area of the clear color, sand and desolate eyeful is good to hear or see. Walking in the meantime, it is easy to have a feeling of despair. His wife was not at ease. Looking at the cold weather every day, thinking about the day to go to work.相关的主题文章: