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Yu Shuxin first challenge Mu Nianci Chen Jianbin name spicy eyes – Sohu entertainment   Yu Shuxin’s Mu Nianci Sohu entertainment news saying, foot step ahead, as "the first grade" in the "Miss Universe debris", Yu Shuxin is known as Chen Jianbin’s nightmare. The latest episode, Meng Ziyi, Yu Shuxin beat Li Sha? Son of a congregation of flowers, take down the Chen Jianbin directed the first grade version of "legend" in the corner of Munianci, pompous gesture and funny face, let Chen Jianbin sigh: This is life! To beat Meng Ziyi Yu Shuxin shied away from the success of his "number one" even see Yu Shuxin, "the monsters and freaks of all descriptions" in "the first grade" program with "talent is not enough," "add" performance shine. When the broadcast, Wuli "debris" Miss Yu Shuxin always no suspense boarded the hot search list, the "topic" fully deserve the first grade play. It is reported that a new phase of the program, "ten thousand women with" Yu Shuxin’s successful counter attack, as "Nortel campus Belle" elected in a corner of Mencius, directed by Chen Jianbin, the first grade version of "legend" of the Munianci, is supposed to be beautiful, delicate and touching the Munianci over, unexpectedly let the face pack Yu Shuxin to walk play, I just want to say What are you get what? Chen Jianbin is set to make new height "copycat" Munianci gas halo has "hot eyes" in Yu Shuxin, "the first grade" in various offbeat antics that Chen Jianbin, her headache, users have exclaimed "the emperor" still couldn’t make the woman. The latest episode, has won the Golden Horse Award for best new director Chen Jianbin will restore the director, directed the Department of the first grade version of "legend", while the female protagonist is his nightmare — the "debris" Miss Yu shuxin. Not easy to do back to the director, but Chen Jianbin still couldn’t escape from the danger of Shuxin "claws", is supposed to be slim Munianci, to the hand of Yu Shuxin has become a "walking expression package", let Chen Jianbin at a loss what to do. Looking at the front of the "" version of Munianci, think of his wife Jiang Qinqin’s version of Munianci, Chen Jianbin said there is no comparison no harm!相关的主题文章: