Yunnan, Yongsheng, asked the cadres to donate money to help the lowest thousand yuan apology-haywire

Yunnan Yongsheng cadres to donate money poverty minimum thousand yuan Yunnan Yongsheng county magistrate apology asked the cadres and workers to donate money poverty minimum 1000 maximum 5000 Yunnan Yongsheng county cadres and workers to donate money poverty requirements minimum 1000 maximum 5000 [Yunnan Yongsheng county cadres and workers to donate money poverty requirements a minimum of 1000 up to 5000, county magistrate has apologized to return the donations]10 month 28 days, net exposure Yunnan Lijiang city Yongsheng county government issued a mandatory county enterprises cadres and workers donations poverty, 1000 per person to 5000 yuan, raising a total of about ten million yuan." Is the level of 5000 yuan, deputy director for 4000 yuan, 3000 yuan, is 2000 yuan, Deputy Branch, staff 1000 yuan; business administration and management personnel, senior title 3000 yuan per person, intermediate title 2000 yuan, other workers 1000 yuan." This afternoon, Yongsheng County propaganda department in an interview with JINGWAH Times reporter, said the net exposure is true. And said the morning of October 31st, the county has held a meeting of leading cadres, reported since October 14th Yongsheng county poverty alleviation work fund-raising activities. At the meeting, Feng Zhong, on behalf of the county Party committee and government on poverty relief fund-raising activities and the impact of the problem of the existence of a sincere apology, poverty relief donations from the beginning of October 31st to return to work units. JINGWAH Times reporter Lv Gaojian editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: