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Zhang Ruoyun: talk about the feelings of less and less routine was engaged in the business of unrequited love [Abstract] love things a little bit simple, a little love, less routine, to raise the level of business undivided attention. Zhang Ruoyun "sparrow" stills and Dongyu Zhou stills Ruoyun Zhang Dayang – September 20th Guangzhou Daily reported recently, the Spy Drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit, the play, the thoughtful Tang Shanhai wise was very distressed, to protect the "wife" and "all sorts of impulsive behavior, to pay the wife busy eating" Mrs. "ex boyfriend Chen deep" vinegar ", also have to deal with the skeptical and Bi Zhongliang to complete his task. About the Tangshan sea this clever role, Zhang Ruoyun said in an interview yesterday, in fact, put him in the place where he was not necessarily smarter than Xu Bicheng, "the Tangshan sea is clever, is the role given the story, the plot gives the role. No one can say better than Xu Bicheng". Love the audience for a play for a review of Guangzhou Daily: just before the end of the broadcast "nine sky" (referred to as the "sky") your character is Tucao audience, now "sparrow" is refers to "the circle of powder numerous. For the evaluation of the audience so harsh, how do you feel? Zhang Ruoyun: I like the audience to change a play for a comment. Guangzhou Daily: in the "sparrow" before doing some homework, how to grasp the role of the heart? Zhang Ruoyun: Tangshan sea has a unique perspective. First of all, the Tangshan sea is one of the characters, that is to say a lot of things from his point of view, the audience wants to see Tang Shanhai’s mind, but he is not the male protagonist aura, so he will have a lot of mistakes will let the audience see, he’s hiding and not hide the angle between the more difficult sure. Guangzhou Daily: everyone says Tangshan is a spur to the sea Xu Bicheng group CP to complete the task, when you read the script, there is no doubt the heroine were too stupid? Zhang Ruoyun: actually, when I read the script, really not questioning the heroine too stupid, when you watch the drama, especially in an IQ drama inside, feel smart is the most powerful, but in fact if I was thrown into the environment, I am not certain than Xu Bi smart city. Tangshan is clever than Xu Bicheng, and Chen deep sea of Tangshan than clever, these are given the role of the inside of the plot. If we put any one person into the environment at that time, who can do better than Xu Bicheng? Just spend a little time in the interview and the variety of Guangzhou Daily: at present the spy drama gradually are idolized Road, how you think about this phenomenon? Zhang Ruoyun: Spy idol has both advantages. For the traditional Spy Drama drama fans, he will feel no need to play with a lot of love. But on the contrary, it can also lead to a lot of young people interested in War spy drama. Guangzhou Daily: a comment on the network now, little meat is not suitable for the role of spy drama. What do you think of this as a young actor? Zhang Ruoyun: in fact, little meat should not have a clear watershed, is now the market led to fans of the idol too close to and understand. My idol is overexposed, resulting in a lot of character into difficulties, rather than actors really do not sue相关的主题文章: