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Zhang Ziyi show stepmother feeling bright two British Eyes – Valentine’s Day package Sohu with Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng and stepdaughter little apple micro-blog show of affection, because Wang Feng’s ex-wife was an instant top headlines to tear open. So these two days, this wandering photograph, not only has Zhang Ziyi’s stepmother love show, but also two British brands big eye bag. EYES MINI BACKPACK £ 895, these two large bags from the British brand Anya Hindmarch, its bags have always been famous for fun. Designer Anya Hindmarch (Anya · Hindmarch) has long been recognized as the most famous British ladies handbag designer, and the "Glamour" magazine in 2006 and again in 2007 the designer of the year title in 2007 and was awarded the British Fashion Awards’s annual designer brand title. EYES CROSS-BODY £ 795 Anya Hindmarch entered in 1986; established in London in 1993. ", I’m not a plastic bag", has become a hot pursuit designer. Again in 2001 launched the "Anya Hindmarch Be A Bag": the customers to select their favorite photos, and favorite style, color collocation, then scan the pictures to London do satin, finally sent to Italy by the master hand, spend 5, 6 months will be able to enjoy the unique personalized bag. Anya Hindmarch, the spring and summer series of 2016, continues to bring British humor to great britain. The Anya Hindmarch boutique in Sloan street, 15-17 Pont Street, has been able to see the same series of bags and accessories on the shelves of this new season.

章子怡秀后母情 亮了两只英国大眼包-搜狐      情人节章子怡带着汪峰和继女小苹果微博秀恩爱,因为汪峰前妻发飙开撕瞬间被顶上头条。于是这两天这张四处乱晃的照片,亮了的不仅有章子怡的后母情恩爱秀,还有两只英国品牌大眼包。      EYES MINI BACKPACK £895.00   这两只大眼包来自英国品牌Anya Hindmarch,旗下包包一贯以趣味出名。设计师安雅·希德玛芝 (Anya Hindmarch) 女士早已是英国公认最著名的手袋设计师,并且在2006和2007年两度获选《Glamour》杂志的年度设计师称号,在2007年又荣获British Fashion Awards颁发的年度设计师品牌头衔。      EYES CROSS-BODY £795.00   Anya Hindmarch 1986年入行,1993年于伦敦设专店。因推出环保包袋"I’m not a plastic bag"而成为明星追捧的设计师。2001年再次推出“Anya Hindmarch Be A Bag”:由顾客挑选自己心爱的照片,同时搭配喜爱的款式、颜色,之后再将照片扫描至伦敦做缎面处理,最后送至意大利由师父手工制作,花时5、6个月的时间就可以享有的个性化独特提袋。      2016年春夏系列的Anya Hindmarch,继续为大家带来大不列颠的英式幽默。位于斯隆街15-17 Pont Street的Anya Hindmarch精品店已经上架的本季新品中可以看到同系列的箱包和配饰。相关的主题文章: