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Zheng Shuang traced and Hu Yanbin composite: not to buy hot search – buy headlines Beijing screen actors, Shenyang girl Zheng Shuang never lacked topic, not only she starred in the TV series "smiled very little" in Jiangsu TV hit, and singer Hu Yanbin revealed yesterday that complex message also occupy the major site of entertainment headlines. The day before, Zheng Shuang told reporters, when it comes to being hit works, she said a broker who fight for her version of the film and television play version, and their choice of drama. For their own hot search constitution, Zheng Shuang responded that he wanted to work hard, simple life. Yang Yang: we are happy to cooperate with edges and corners of the people for Zheng Shuang, received a Tony slightly this role was a surprise, "I and Bei slightly completely different character, choose me to speak the truth is quite unexpected, I really do not know how to think is the producer." Upright woman Zheng Shuang said, received this drama, my heart is very disturbing, "because I know" component in the original shell tiny ‘fans, in fact, I’ve read the novel, the story is very relaxed, I very love. When I see Gu sister (the original author), and she often talk about the role of the shell. But she always gives me the pressure, let me not too demanding." The movie version of "smile" very little has been released, Angela Baby and Zheng Shuang two versions of "Bei slightly" also is being put together to do more. In this regard, Zheng Shuang frankly said everyone’s style is different, they will not care too much about these. During the interview, Zheng Shuang revealed that the broker had intended to help her fight for two versions together, but was rejected. When it comes to partner Yang Yang, Zheng Shuang believes that the performance of his own way, he is a detail control, particularly high requirements of the. We are all very angular, but it is easier to get along with it, there will be a lot of common topics, shooting process is very happy." Absolutely no anorexia: I love life simply yesterday, Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin rekindling the news leaked, sparked heated debate. It broke the news, Hu Yanbin come to work in Xiamen to celebrate the 25 birthday of Zheng Shuang, Zheng Shuang not only personally pick, two people together in the hotel for the night. Last August, Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin love exposure caused a great disturbance in the entertainment circle, the two love did not get the blessing, and the musician Hu Yanbin was also pushed in the teeth of the storm. In March this year, father Zheng Shuang confirmed that Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin broke up, now the news that Zheng Shuang was traced to complex emotional life was again in the spotlight. To bring "hot search" constitution, Zheng Shuang responded that just want to work hard, simple life, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I staff is my makeup, costume designer and buddies, added together is 5." Zheng Shuang said, in fact, private life is not so complicated, I would not go to buy a hot money to buy headlines ah what, or simply." In addition to emotional life, Zheng Shuang’s weight is also the focus of attention of fans. In this regard, Zheng Shuang said that the outside world has always been the existence of their own misunderstanding, even more bluntly never suffered from anorexia, I really do not ‘count’ control, there is no anorexia, ah, I also like to eat Ning相关的主题文章: