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Zhoukou traffic accident truck suddenly out of control car Lianzhuang 5 deaths caused by the Dahe reporter intern Yang Li River client Yukun truck in the morning trouble, leaving 2 dead and 3 injured. On September 20th and 21, the river client and the big river reported the traffic accident in Luyi County, 210 provincial road. The river client reporter just learned from Luyi county that the death toll of the accident rose to 5, of which 3 were dead. At present, Zhao XXX, the driver of the accident, has been arrested. Luyi county official informed that 4:50 on September 20th, Zhao Moumou driving Henan LF1998 heavy truck warehouse gate, along highway 210 from south to north to the Luyi county territory for trial when Liang Zhen Hu Zhai Road, the vehicle suddenly out of control, has crashed into two tricycle driver, in which 2 people died on the spot. Subsequently, the car continued to run under the condition of losing control, and then hit 3 tricycles, resulting in 3 drivers being seriously injured. At this point, the accident resulted in the unfortunate death of 5 people. According to the introduction, after the incident, the Luyi county government quickly formed a special working group to carry out relief work. At present, Zhao XXX, the driver of the accident, has been detained by the public security organs for the crime of causing traffic accident, and the case is being further investigated and dealt with. Related news: Dahe newspaper reporter Li Yukun, Yang Yang intern, today, (20) morning, some netizens broke the traffic to the big river client. There was a traffic accident in the 210 provincial road, Luyi County, Hu Zhai section. A truck was out of control and rushed into the crowd, causing many casualties. Dahe client reporter learned from the Luyi county government emergency office. As of 12 noon, Luyi County Traffic Police Department reported 2 deaths and 3 injuries, which was initially determined by driver fatigue driving. According to the insider, it happened at 5 o’clock this morning, when a truck pulling corn ran from south to North in the 210 provincial roads (Dancheng to Luyi). "When the truck hit the man, he wanted to run, then rolled up to a tricycle, and the truck tire was loused and stopped." Several witnesses said that most of the people who had been hit were older people over 60 years old, and their hair was white. Reporters from the photos provided by witnesses showed that the truck left front wheel was severely damaged, the tire was obviously damaged, there were bloodstains on the road and pedestrians lying on the ground beside the wheel. In addition, the middle of the road guardrail have hit the mark, the scene has a blue tricycle was knocked on the ground with vegetables. This afternoon, many journalists contacted the Luyi County Public Security Bureau. Just before the press release, the reporter contacted the director of sun County, Luyi county emergency office, and learned that as of 12 noon, the traffic police brigade of Luyi County reported that the accident resulted in 2 deaths and 3 injuries. The report said, "this morning, a car for LF1**8 truck traveling from south to north, two men riding a tricycle pedestrians killed." Director Sun told the contents of the report that the driver of Zhao, a truck driver, was a man of paper shop in Shenqiu county. Today morning: driver fatigue thermal driving a truck in the city overturned on a hot news express today: Yanshi villagers "involved in the robbery and murder 24 years after the final clean film festival lottery River university at the micro third-prize movie scam! Zhengzhou people’s attention: natural gas company to replace explosion-proof pipe? Xiping man divorced stimulated assaulted the family to the neighbors threw a brick on the opening of a Zhengzhou real estate license buyers: I have to buy five cards are not recommended: Henan video contest: Eleven golden week to go? The annual drama, the national day, is going to be on, and the expected seven day holiday is coming soon. What are you going to do? Share your eleven news and share it with us! Public number delivery: pay attention to the public number: Yu Hong Academy. Please specify the author’s name, telephone number and other personal information. QQ (mailbox) delivery: 1464759747 (@qq) link delivery: upload video to Tencent video, give us the link to the OK! [active time] – October 10th – Go alone with Me! To write a word to ten years after the life of his own, there are some secrets that can not be told, the regret that you can not return, the dreams that you can’t touch, the love you can’t forget. A daily topic, invite you to come to "wave"! "True words, big adventure" column address > scan two-dimensional code download news client anytime and anywhere to see the news! Today’s hot: Dengfeng a farmer’s wife lost daughter actually has 4 "husband"; Zhumadian babies suffering from abnormal growth and anti bear look.

周口发生车祸 货车突然失控连撞多车致5人死亡大河报大河客户端记者 于扬 实习生 李玉坤货车清晨惹祸,致使2死3伤。9月20日、21日,大河客户端及大河报独家报道了发生在210省道鹿邑县境内的这起交通事故。大河客户端记者刚刚从鹿邑县获悉,此次事故的死亡人数上升至5人,其中3人系抢救无效死亡。目前,肇事司机赵某某已被刑拘。鹿邑县的官方通报称,9月20日4时50分,赵某某驾驶豫LF1998号重型仓栅式货车,沿210省道自南向北行至鹿邑县境内试量镇胡寨路段处时,车辆突然失控,先后撞向两名三轮车驾驶人,导致2人当场死亡。随后,该车在失控状态下继续行驶,又接连撞击3辆三轮车,导致3名驾驶人身受重伤,送往医院后经抢救无效死亡。至此,事故共造成5人不幸遇难。据介绍,事发后,鹿邑县政府迅速组成专门工作组,开展善后救援等工作。目前,肇事司机赵某某因涉嫌交通肇事罪已被公安机关刑事拘留,案件正在进一步调查处理中。相关新闻:大河报大河客户端记者 于扬 实习生 李玉坤今天(20日)上午,有网友向大河客户端爆料,210省道鹿邑县胡寨段发生交通事故,一辆货车失控冲进人群,造成多人伤亡。大河客户端记者从鹿邑县政府应急办了解到,截止到中午12时,鹿邑县交警部门上报的情况是2死3伤,初步判定系司机疲劳驾驶所致。据知情人介绍,事情发生在今天凌晨5时许,当时,一辆拉玉米的货车自南向北行驶在210省道(郸城至鹿邑方向)试量镇胡寨路段,突然,货车失控冲进早上赶集的人群,造成多人伤亡。“当时那个货车撞住人后想跑,后来碾到一辆三轮车上,货车车胎被扎烂了,才停下来。”几名目击者说,被撞的行人大多是60岁以上的老人,头发都白了。记者从目击者提供的照片看,货车左前轮受损严重,车胎明显破损,事发路段有血迹,还有被撞的行人躺在车轮旁边的地上。此外,道路中间的护栏也有被撞的痕迹,现场有一辆蓝色三轮车被撞翻,地上散落有青菜。今天下午,记者多方联系鹿邑县公安局,未果。刚刚发稿前,记者联系鹿邑县政府应急办孙主任了解到,截至中午12时,鹿邑县交警大队上报的情况是,事故造成2死3伤。“报告里说,今天早上,一辆车号为豫LF1**8的货车自南向北行驶,将两名骑三轮车的行人撞死。”孙主任转述上报内容说,肇事货车司机赵某系疲劳驾驶,是沈丘县纸店镇人。今日热图:司机凌晨疲劳驾驶货车在开封翻车 快递洒落一地今日热闻:偃师村民“卷入”抢劫杀人案 24年后终获清白金鸡百花电影节开奖 河大学子捧回微电影三等奖骗局!郑州人注意:天然气公司上门更换防爆管?西平男子离异受刺激 殴打家人往邻居家扔砖头郑州一楼盘无证就开盘 购买者:五证皆无我也得买大豫推荐:视频有奖征集令:十一黄金周哪里去? 年度大戏–国庆哪里去即将上演,备受期待的七天小长假马上就要来了,你有何打算呢?将你的十一见闻拍成视频与我们一起分享!【征集方式】公众号投递:关注公众号:豫红院。来稿请注明作者姓名、联系电话等个人信息。QQ(邮箱)投递:1464759747(@qq) 链接投递:上传视频到腾讯视频,把链接给我们就ok啦!【活动时间】即日起——10月10号【真心话大冒险】 Go alone with Me!写一句话送给十年后的自己人的一生,都有一些说不出的秘密,挽不回的遗憾,触不到的梦想,忘不了的爱。每日一话题,邀你来“浪”!“真心话大冒险”栏目地址>>扫描二维码下载新闻客户端 随时随地看新闻! 今日热点:登封一农民的媳妇“丢”了 媳妇竟有4个“老公”;驻马店婴儿患怪病手脚反生长 不忍直视。相关的主题文章: